How can I get Deaf Person ID Card

  • Application,
  • Eligibility,
  • Fees,
  • and use of the card.

Why you want it and how to get it

The purpose of ID card for Deaf person

If you are deaf, you may qualify for Deaf Person Identification Card.

The card may be used only for identification purposes to verify you are deaf while you travel out of USA

You may present your Person with a Deaf ID card, maybe with your passport, when applying for:

  • Get free/reduced attraction tickets while traveling out of US.
  • The policeman or who need you to prove you are deaf while you travel out of US.

Who qualifies for the card

You qualify for the card if you meet the definition of deaf person. A disability that results in complete absence of hearing, or that, even with a hearing aid, results in hearing so impaired that you need other kinds of sensory input as the principal means of receiving spoken language.

How to obtain a deaf person identification card

You can order the card online from our website. You will be required to submit the important documents from your doctor or other Service Provider.

The completed form will require certification from your physician as to the nature and severity of your disability. Your doctor must state the type of your hearing disability. From issued date, the card expires in 3 years.

Rejection, revocation, or denial of an identification card

Your application for an identification card may be denied if you are not eligible for it. If you already hold a card, it may be revoked if :

  • You supplied false information;
  • You are not a deaf person;
  • You have failed to prove you are a deaf person;
  • You have used the card for a fraudulent purpose; or
  • You have allowed someone else to use your card.
  • You restore your lost hearing later.

Other things to know

Once you obtain a card, you are required to stop your ID and order new ID in writing of any change in your legal name (within 30 days after the change).

It is a crime to unlawfully use the I.D. card. For example, you cannot:

  • possess or display a canceled or revoked card;
  • let another person use it;
  • or display a fake or altered card.

There are serious criminal penalties for these offenses.